How much do Eyelash Extensions cost?

With prices ranging from about $200 to $350 per set, lash extensions are more affordable than ever.

A set of new eyelash extensions can run anywhere from $100 to $500 in the United States, depending on the type and number of lashes used, the skill of the cosmetician and the venue where extensions are performed. It usually takes an hour to two hours to attach a full new set. An average person might have anywhere from thirty to eighty lashes per eye.

The variance in the number of lashes accounts for the difference in how long it takes to apply them. Many eyelash extension packages come with repair options, where one can go get the fallen extensions added within a few weeks from the initial application, at a lowered cost.

As with hair services, you are paying for the time and expertise of your technician. Some salons charge flat rates, others charge by the hour, as no two clients are alike. A full set application can run between $175 – $300. Fills can cost between $80 – $150.

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The cost for an application for Xtreme Lashes currently charging between $350 and $700 per application. We also offer packages, which will include initial application and touch ups for one set price. Ask for more details when scheduling your appointment.

Putting on Eyelashes yourself?

If you are putting on lashes yourself whether it be strips or clusters, the brands in the drugstores are great. Ardell and Duo are a couple that I would recommend. 

When we’re ready to go back to your natural lashes the Eyelash extensions should really be removed by a professional with professional remover.  But, if that’s not an option, you should just let them shed on their own.

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